Monday, May 21, 2012

Seven Days of Love part 2

I gave the ole BF his pill box full of goodies today after work.  He thought it was neat and I hope he enjoys his tiny treat and note everyday. I totally recommend this to anyone with a significant other than travels, although I told my BF he could take this to his office for a pick-me-up everyday.

I ended up doing 3 days of Reece's minis (the tiny ones, 2 in each square), pistachios (his favorite nut), LifeSavers, TicTac's, IceBreakers mints.  And my notes (all the days but Reece's) went with the treat.  Like:  We're "mint" to be. You are a "Life Saver".  I'm "nuts" about you!  Then I just wrote sweet notes for the others.

Next time, I'm going to try to fold the paper so that he can't see at all what's in each square until he opens it.  Other ideas for the treats: Bubble Gum, Ice Breakers Cube Gum, M&M's, Skittles, any kind of nut or seed, you might be able to get Fun Size Candy bars in there (I got the XL box and there was a XL2 that was even bigger for $7.99.


 XL Pill Box (CVS Brand)- 4.99
Candy and Treats(some stuff I already had)- about $6 with plenty left over.
TOTAL: $11 (with Life Savers, TicTacs, and Reece's to spare.)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

#2 Seven Days of Love
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Well, the end of the school year really slows down the rest of your life.... so unfortunantly I haven't done much of anything but teach, test, and sleep.  But, I will say, I have all of this years files in their neat little poly folders.  It took countless folders, in fact I just grab a couple 5 packs any time I'm at Target and they have them.  I probably put a little more money into it than I wanted to.  However, I think this is a system that works for me.  I've already found that it keeps me more organized that file folder and whatnot.

NEXT PROJECT, ........Seven Days of Love.
My BF has been sick so I think he needs a little lovin'  So, I plan on getting this together for him this week, for him to have next week.  In this project, you get one of those week long pill boxes and fill it everyday with a sweet note (which I plan on writing myself, but the website provides if you are at a loss for words) and a little something.  I think I'm going to get the biggest pill box I can find, you know for the super old/sick folk.  I think this is a super cute idea and who doesn't need a little pick-me-up during the week from your special someone.  I very often try to think of something nice, like a flowers equivilent for my BF and I think this might do the trick.
What is tricking me up about this project, is that I'm not sure what kind of treat to put in each day.  My BF isn't a big sweet or candy person, so I'm going to have to think on that one.  So far I've come up with.... mini Reece's cups, Ice Breakers breath fresheners, and nuts.  Any other ideas?

Prices to come....

Like I thought,not nearly enought poly envelopes! So, I guess I'll hit up all the area Targets this weekend. But,I will admit, I love this organizational method! My label maker ran out of ink so I used masking tape and a Sharpie... Just as good!